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Sage Waters was raised in a diverse household, with her father hailing from Haiti and her mother being of Hungarian Swedish/Welsh descent, raised on a California chicken farm. This blend of backgrounds ensured a rich musical environment in their home.

From a young age, Sage displayed a natural inclination towards singing, supported by her mother who was a professional choir singer. Piano lessons from the age of 4 further honed her musical skills, and car rides became impromptu singing sessions where her mother taught her and her sister proper vocal techniques, eventually progressing to three-part harmonies.

Despite facing corrective surgery for a knee deformity from the age of 9 to 22, Sage found solace in music, channeling her time in recovery to explore songwriting after being inspired by her extensive exposure to various musical genres.

By 19, Sage was balancing a full-time college course in Fine Arts sculpting, competitive swimming, and entrepreneurship, even creating her own internship at Tarpan Studios under Narada Michael Walden. Her internship evolved into a five-year stint as a professional vocalist, with notable recording credits including collaborations with artists like Wynonna Judd, James Brown, Carlos Santana, and Stevie Wonder.

Affectionately dubbed “Little Aretha” by Narada, Sage’s versatility as a vocalist and songwriter led to opportunities to demo songs for a wide range of artists, solidifying her reputation as a prolific writer and vocal producer in the industry.

Despite setbacks, such as a song she co-wrote for Mary J. Blige’s album not making the final cut, Sage continued to refine her craft, learning valuable lessons about the importance of protecting her work.

After leaving Tarpan in 2006, Sage embarked on a journey that saw her embrace motherhood, marriage, and the challenges of transitioning from studio work to live performance. Through dedication and discipline, she honed her stage presence, drawing inspiration from artists like Beyoncé to strengthen her vocal performance.

A fortuitous encounter with Brown Mark from Prince and The Revolution led to a fruitful collaboration, including co-hosting a podcast and assisting with the planning of the band’s reunion show and subsequent tour following Prince’s passing.

In 2016, Sage secured a two-year licensing and publishing contract with Spirit Music Group, further cementing her status as a respected songwriter.

Today, Sage Waters is a single mother of two, based in Las Vegas, where she continues to pursue her passion for music as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Her residency at Resorts World showcased her talents, and she remains an active performer across Vegas, having successfully debuted original shows to critical acclaim.

Recently, she contributed background vocals for the “Piano Man” show with Kyle Martin on the Las Vegas Strip, and she’s a proud member of Vox Vegas, an acapella group featuring AGT’s Josh Danger and beatboxer Kenny Urban.

Sage’s journey is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication to her craft, and her future in the music industry is undoubtedly bright.



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